Music and CD's

Elephant Stairs Elephants Stairs, Collection of English Country Dances by Andrew Shaw. Performed by Persons of Quality in a lively, improvised style with many instruments and moods. Tune info...
The Greenery The Greenery, English Country Dances by Sharon Green and Philipe Callens. Performed by Jon Berger, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen, and Rebecca King.
Nearer & Farther Nearer & Farther, Beautiful English Country Dance and Contra Dance tunes composed and performed solo piano by Rebecca King. Tune and dance info...
Next of Kynaston Next of Kynaston, a collection of English Country Dance tunes by Nathaniel Kynaston and his contemporaries, from the works of Andrew Shaw. Liner notes...
Farnicle Huggy Farnicle Huggy, a collection of 18th century English Country Dance tunes collected by the noted dance reconstructionist Andrew Shaw.
Swinging on The Gate Swinging On The Gate, a compilation of American Contra Dance and English Country dance bands, co-produced by Rebecca King and Daniel Steinberg.

Rebecca King also appears on:

Cowboy Dancing Cowboy Dancing, by Ray Bierl
Somewhere in Between Somewhere in Between, by Riggy Rackin